New Release – Felicity Found

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New Release Felicity Found – Rogue Series Extra


I am a fortunate person. I have had great disappointments in life that have been overshadowed by even greater blessings – that includes my husband, world-renowned rock guitar god, Conor Quinn, and our two beautiful babies.

So, why does everything feel so off?


My wife is slapdash and barely has her head above water but she still makes it all work, despite how she tears herself down over not being perfect. I think she’s an amazing mother. Until I come home one night to find her in a rare state.

How am I going to fix her?

NOTE: Felicity Found can be read as a stand-alone, however a more thorough understanding of the characters and their backstories will be had by reading the entire series.

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Author: Lara Ward Cosio 📚
Book Cover Design: Chloe Belle Arts 🎨

New Release – The Raven


New Release The Raven is Live by Lashell Collins!


Don’t miss this enchanting conclusion to the Rock Shifter Fairytales series!!!

What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot rock star with a sexy raven shifter, then throw in a heaping dose of gothic fairytale enchantment? Kateri Little Bird is about to find out!

Kidnapped, drugged, and tortured, Kateri’s life has become little more than a lab experiment gone horribly wrong. Nefarious forces set on wiping out shifters for good see her as the key to finally making their evil plan a reality. But when an enchanted spell traps her in slumber, things suddenly go from bad to worse. Now she’s fighting weird monsters and running for her life. Good thing Raven Cloud, the sweet and sexy keyboard player from her favorite shifter rock band is there to help save her. Where the heck did he come from anyway? Kateri has no clue, but she’s certain they’ve fallen in love before. Maybe somewhere once upon a dream.

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Author:  Lashell Collins
Cover and Teaser Graphics:  Chloe Belle Arts

New Release – A CATastrophic Affair

A CATastrophic Affair is now live and available for purchase!


Title:  A CATastrophic Affair
Author:  K. Lyn Kennedy
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Life is good for Michael. He’s a college professor, with a girlfriend half his age. So why is he having an affair? Because he can. Then the nightmares come, and visions of demons haunt him until he is nearly driven mad. Is his girlfriend playing tricks on him? Does she suspect the affair? Maybe he feels guilty about bedding a girl barely out of her teens. Or, perhaps his girlfriend decided to teach him a lesson. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. So much to do… so little time.

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New Release – Delilah

Delilah: A Serial Killer Novel with an Unsettling Twist!
by Author, K Lyn Kennedy

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Delilah is beautiful, a temptress… but a killer?
Nothing, oh nothing, could be any sillier.

The men in her life unexpectedly die.
She never has time to tell them bye-bye.

The murders are gruesome, the details so gory.
Only the killer would know the whole story.

She’s a minister’s daughter, or at least that’s the rumor.
Could be a setup by someone who knew her.

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Book Cover: Chloe Belle Arts  🎨


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New Release – Silverblade

Silverblade by Bella Jeanisse
Set in the World of Triple Threat.

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Rock Star Romance Book Cover

Before there can be a Rockstar Romance, there has to be a band…

Shane Martin, lead vocalist of Silverblade, has given up on keeping his band together. He doesn’t know how to go on after the loss of their bassist and his best friend, Troy. When Troy’s widow insists he start the search, he does. No one was good enough until he found Zack.

Zack Bryant plays bass, but his band is going nowhere. He thinks he has no chance to have a better life. That is until Shane walks into the bar where he is playing one night. He finally has a way to show the world what he can do.

Will Zack blend with the rest of the band? Can they get ready in time to join the Reign of Fire tour? Little do they know, this is only the beginning.

Warning: For those 18 and over only. May not suitable for all readers. Bumps in the road can be fun, right?


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