New Release – Freaks & Family Legacies

Freaks & Family Legacies

Freaks & Family Legacies (The Touched Series 3)

by Lashell Collins

Detective Isaac Taylor has a new lease on life. He’s found love with the woman of his dreams and he’s learning how to control the strange psychic power within him. Well, maybe control is the wrong word, but at least he’s not running from it any longer.

Sidney Fairchild is slowly putting the pieces of her shattered life back together. But what’s a girl do when she’s not certain who she is anymore? She’s found a love that she’s determined to hold on to, but figuring out her purpose is proving to be a bigger struggle.

When a new case suddenly puts one of Isaac’s siblings in jeopardy, and long-buried family secrets come to light, Isaac and Sidney must work together to get to the truth. But will their efforts be enough, or will their broken family legacies destroy them all?

Start the series with Book 1: Voices & Visions 

Book Cover Graphics by Chloe Belle Arts.