New Release – On the Tip of the Tongue

On the Tip of the Tongue

by Chloe Wynn

A sizzling novel about when you know you shouldn’t, but you do anyway.

Ben’s life was unraveling from a secret he would not share and mine was just getting back on track from a secret I’d exposed. I wasn’t going back. I was moving forward. I wasn’t falling in love. Except he had me with that sculpted boxing body and emerald eyes; his dreams of opening his own restaurant. Every foray into his kitchen started with him cooking and ended with us ripping each other’s clothes off. Until he disappeared and I was forced to face what he’d been hiding and what I secretly wanted.

“The best culinary romance I’ve read. Ever.” -Jill Henderson“Hot and sizzling. And I don’t just mean the food.” -Rory Samuels

“Romantic comedy set in Portland? Yes, please! A superhot boxer chef? Absolutely! I couldn’t put this book down.” -Sarah Baird


Book Cover Graphics by Chloe Belle Arts.