New Release – Singing Spring

Singing Spring by Kathy Joy

Breath of Joy - Singing Spring

Breath of Joy: Singing Spring
Author: Kathy Joy

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SINGING SPRING is a portrait of springtime that trills with reverberating art, where poetry spills over pages to melt your heart and the heart of one who listens to your voice reading. Calendar events include Good Friday, Easter, strong and kind mothers, memorial day and Father’s Day. There will be scented garden parties and rites of marriage.

Let this book bring you to the song of expectant songbirds over nested eggs, the tips of tenacious crocuses bursting in mystery through encrusted snow, the burgeoning lilac peeping beneath winter shawls… these are the reminders that dawn comes earlier and earlier, that worms are fertilizing and tilling our earth, that there will indeed be life from death!

For goodness’ sake, inhale the gifts of life, of renewal and of nurture. Think of these things if your days are difficult, for here’s a supernatural Breath Of Joy!

SINGING SPRING is compiled, as noted in her journal, by a seasoned over-comer and national presenter, Kathy Joy.

Publisher: Capture Books

Book Cover Design: Chloe Belle Arts