New Release – Punk Rock Prelude

Punk Rock Prelude (Radical Rock Stars Prequel Book 0.5)

by Jenna Galicki

Tommy Blade is a rock star on the rise—and he has a secret. A secret he has no intention of sharing with anyone.

Jessi Armstrong craves fun and excitement and has big dreams of becoming the next sought-after fashion designer.

Their worlds collide when they lock eyes at a football game and form an unbreakable connection. The pair quickly fall in love and share a relationship that most people only dream about. But their perfect storybook romance is shattered when Jessi realizes that Tommy is hiding something, and she knows exactly what it is.

Unsure how to move forward, she goes on as if nothing has changed, even though unanswered questions and uncertainty about their future plague her heart. It takes a sexy dream to open her mind to things she never imagined she’d be into, and it just may be the salvation she needs.

This full-length novel is a prequel to The Prince of Punk Rock, Radical Rock Stars Book 1. While The Prince of Punk Rock ends in a polyamorous relationship, this book is strictly mf.

Book Cover Graphics by Chloe Belle Arts.